Real Estate Agent /Broker Buyer Registration

Broker Participation Guidelines 
(Real Estate Only)

  1. A commission as specified in auction terms will be paid by the seller to any licensed Kansas Real Estate Broker whose prospect is high bidder and pays for and settles in full for the property they are registered on.                    .
  2. The prospect must be registered prior to the date of auction. (See auction terms for time requirement.) The form must include the agents name, and prospect’s name.
  3. Broker must show the prospect the property prior to the auction date.
  4. Commission will be paid by the seller only upon final closing and when the property has been settled for in full.
  5. Only the first agent registering a prospective bidder will be honored.
  6. No broker will be recognized on a prospect that has been previously contacted by seller or selling agent.
  7. Seller will not offer sub-agency to any real estate licensee.  All real estate licensees will represent the interests of the buyer and not the interests of the seller.  Realtor/Auctioneers represent the seller and are agents of the seller.

For further information, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

Darrell E Simnitt Realtor® Auctioneer
Countrywide Realty, Inc.
(785) 0231-0374