Sample Bank Letter of Guarantee/Credit


Note: This is a sample.  The completed form must be on Bank Letterhead, and must be dated, must be signed by bank official (original signature, not stamp), and must include business and after hours phone numbers.




Date: xx/xx/xxxx


Simnitt Real Estate and Auction, Inc.
11300 SW 57th St
Topeka KS 66610


Dear Sirs:

This letter will serve as your notification that _________ (bank name) ________ will honor and guarantee irrevocably payment of any check(s) written by __________ ( customer/bidder name) ________ up to the amount of ________ (amount guaranteed ) ________ and drawn on account number __________ (customer’s account number) ________.  This irrevocable  letter of guarantee is for the purpose of our customer’s purchasing vehicles or other property in connection with the auction to be held by Auctions by Simnitt Bros., Inc.  This irrevocable  letter of guarantee is good until ________ (date) ________.  If further information is required, please feel free to contact me at ________ (phone # or verifier during business hours) _ ________.




(Bank Officer’s Signature and Title)


(Bank Officer’s Home Phone #, if available)


(Customer’s Signature)